Jim Corbett National Park Canter Safari

Conducted and operated only by the forest officials, canter safaris are yet another exciting way to delve deep into the wilderness of Jim Corbett Park! Operated twice in a day, usually, open-roof canters with a seating capacity of 16-18 members are used for this purpose.

For a larger group of visitors, canter safaris are the most ideal ways to enjoy wildlife safaris. Also, as the vehicles assure maximum safety to the passengers, visitors of almost all age groups can enjoy these rides; however, minors must be accompanied with an adult during the safaris.

The safaris usually last for around 5 hours and take the passengers to some of the most popular sites for wildlife spotting and as the vehicles are open, they promise you the most fascinating experience of the wild! Also, since only 4 canters are allowed at a time, it is advisable to book the safari well in advance.

It is a matter of pride that Corbett National Park is the first National park of Asia where Project Tiger was first launched in 1973 in order to protect the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger. Since then the park has the glory of being a first National Park where these majestic have been preserved. Established in the year 1936 as Hailey National Park and later in 1957 renamed in the honor of legendary hunter turned conservationist Edward James Corbett; commonly known as Jim Corbett.

Dhikala Canter Safari: Canter safari offers much playful ride inside Corbett National Park where richest concentrations of animals occur. The ultimate safari experience maximizes the chance of spotting the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger resting in their natural habitats. Though, a day visit to Dhikala Tourism Zone is not allowed except in the Canter safari tour that is organized by the Corbett Tiger Reserve authority.

Tourists willing to enjoy canter ride suppose to come at Ramnagar reception. The safari ride is for five hours in a given shift. Morning shift starts at around 06:00 Hrs while evening shift at around 02:00 hrs. It is important to note that day Jeep safaris are not allowed inside Dhikala Tourism Zone. Tourists can make a booking request for canter safari in 30 days advance for Indian nationals and 90 days in advance for foreign nationals. In order to confirm your booking, we shall require your personal information like name, age, and sex of all travelers and photo-identity proof along with the confirmatory amount. Please do not forget to carry the relevant photo id in original for the verifications at the time of making entry to the park.

Only two canters are allowed to go inside the Dhikala Zone in a single time and 16 tourists can seat into one canter. Travelers are accompanied by expert naturalist and forest gunman.

Timings For Canter Safari in Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar – Summer & Winters

• Summer: As summers offer many clear views, the first batch of safari starts at around 05:30 in the morning and continues till 12:30 in the noon. Post this, the second batch starts at around 12:20 in the noon and winds up by 06:30 in the evening.

• Winters: Safaris during the winters start by around 06:00 in the morning and closes down by around 11:00. The last batch of canter is allowed into the forests between 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM only.

Zones: Among all the four buffer zones, only Dhikala Zone is open for canter safaris.

Dhikala Canter Safari Tariff / Cost (The price includes Permit and Our Service Charge)

   Price (Indian)  INR 1500/Person ( ONE Canter has 16 Seats )
   Price (Foreigner)  INR 3000/Person ( ONE Canter has 16 Seats )
   Zones  Dhikala
Timings  Morning 6:00 AM – 11:30 AM | Evening 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Advance Online Booking Procedure For Canter Safari – Jim Corbett Ramnagar

For booking request please provide us the following details:

  • The full name, age, sex of each visitor as printed same on the identity cards to be provided along with the confirmatory amount
  • Preferred traveling date & Safari timing (Morning/Afternoon)
  • Specific ID card number of your ( Voter Id, Aaadhar No, Driving license No etc)
  • Safari Entry fee paid in advance
  • E-permits are non-refundable if a permit is booked/confirmed
  • Please carry the same ID card submitted during online booking
  • Please intimate us 45 days in advance (for Indian nationals)
  • Foreign nationals can ask for booking 90 days in advance
  • Passport details are mandatory for making a reservation of foreigner tourists
  • Safari permit is issued on first come first serve basis (subject to availability)

Entry Formalities – Canter Safari in Jim Corbett Ramnagar

As the entire periphery of the Jim Corbett National Park falls under restricted and protected area, so official permission is required to visit the core area of the tiger territory. There are two kinds of official permits issued by the government for entering into any safari zone of the park. Day visit permit (for jeep/canter safari) and Permits for night stay inside the Government forest lodges The day visit permits are required by Indian nationals as well as foreigners for entering into any tourism zone in Corbett National Park. Accommodation inside the park is possible after obtaining night stay permit that is issued by issuing authorities of Government officials.

Jim Corbett Canter Safari Important Information

  • Visitors are required to obtain entry permits that are being issued online (by producing above mentioned documents)
  • It should be noted that the entry permit to the Corbett National Park is provisional and can be changed or canceled without any prior intimation
  • The order of Corbett Tiger Reserve Director will be final in this regard, we are governed by the rules made thereunder
  • Entry permit belongs to you is not transferable
  • Official registered guides can only join your excursions, please do not try to change the guide or naturalist
  • Entry to the National Park is strictly prohibited after sunset
  • Day visit to Dhikala Tourism Zone is not permitted except for the tourists staying inside the forest lodges
  • While doing jeep safari do not get down from the vehicle, it is not allowed
  • Avoid carrying pets while you on a holiday tour as no pets can be taken inside the CTR
  • All visitors to the Corbett Tiger Reserve are abode by the rules and regulations of wildlife protection act. So please co-operate

Terms and Conditions – Jim Corbett Canter Safari

  1. Canter Safari at Corbett Tiger Reserve is possible in Morning and Afternoon Time Only.
  2. Timing Might be Little Bit change because of Weather Condition & Season.
  3. To book safari all person name, age, gender and govt. Approved ID required.
  4. Please keep your mentioned ID details during your safari tour. It will check at the gate.
  5. Canter Safari will book in advance basis. Booking starts 45 days prior to your tour date.
  6.  If any member extends according to members list in permit so, we are not responsible for extending person entry. you have to talk personally about visiting gate with officers.
  7. Visitors Will Be Responsible for own Luggage in Safari Timing or If you lose anything in safari timing we are not Responsible.
  8. As per Jungle safari regulations, once confirmed and booked, the booking amount of Canter Safari is Non-refundable, Non-replaceable and non-transferable.

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